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What you need to know

What to expect during your first visit

We are looking forward to working with you!

Preparing For Your Session

  • Please complete the Client Intake Form prior to your first visit to help your practitioner prepare for your session.
  • Limit makeup and excessive perfumes.
  • Hydrate for optimum results.
  • Eat only a light meal within an hour of your massage.
  • Refrain from smoking before treatment to prevent third-hand smoke exposure to the studio and your provider.

During Your Session

  • Draping will be used during the session to respect the client's privacy.
  • Please notify the therapist if there needs to be a change in your positioning.
  • Please notify the therapist if the pressure or strokes need to be adjusted to your level of comfort.
  • If you feel discomfort or pain, please notify your therapist immediately.
  • During your session, you may experience normal responses to relaxation such as sighing, yawning, stomach gurgling, and movement of intestinal gas.
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